Community Building Brings Benefits of Walkable Neighborhood to Whitehall

July 25, 2017 /

Montchanin Builders brings modern elegance to The Town of Whitehall walkable community in DE. Custom homes are available within walking distance of amenities.

This article, written by Montchanin Builders, has been shared with permission with The Town of Whitehall.


In recent years, public attention has increasingly been focused on a number of related goals, such as improving the health and fitness of children and adults, cleaning up the environment, promoting local economies and growing community social interaction. Wilmington’s Montchanin Builders has addressed all of these concerns as the builder for the Town of Whitehall. This vibrant community is completely modern while also capturing an old-fashioned sense of neighborliness.

Community building brings amenities home

As the community builder for the Town of Whitehall, Montchanin Builders was positioned to offer move-in ready homes as part of the first designed walkable community in Delaware in over a century. Montchanin Builders’ expertly-crafted homes fit in perfectly in this self-contained neighborhood.

Residents in this community-focused neighborhood have unbeatable features practically at their fingertips. These top of the line new homes are surrounded by attractions such as playgrounds, cafes and hiking trails, making every day a “staycation”.

Benefits of a walkable community

The Town of Whitehall, as a walkable neighborhood, offers solutions to many modern problems. Having popular amenities within a close range:

  • Encourages residents to get moving. Studies show that walkable neighborhoods encourage a more active lifestyle. The obesity rate in Delaware is on the rise and now affects approximately 30 percent of adults in the state as well as about 16% of the state’s children and teens. Increasing activity such as by walking or biking to work increases heart health and burns all-important calories.
  • Promotes community togetherness. A carefully planned and developed community with self-contained amenities nearby encourages residents to gather in common areas and build friendships with neighbors. Building a community support structure increases contentment and it also fosters safety because residents begin to look out for those around them.
  • Grows the local economy. Safe walkways that encourage foot traffic also benefit local restaurants and other businesses. Convenient location without the need to spend the time and money that can go into parking leads to increased patronage from neighbors while fostering pride in local businesses.
  • Reduces fuel emissions. Placing residences and businesses within close proximity reduces the amount of driving that residents do to get to work or social outings. Less fuel emissions surrounding the immediate area makes the air safer and especially offers benefits for asthmatics and others with chronic health issues.

About Montchanin Builders

Montchanin Builders performs full-service residential construction and construction management in Delaware. The locally owned independent firm has developed several communities around the Wilmington area and has been praised for its craftsmanship.

Montchanin Builders offers the benefit of more than 60 combined years in residential development and construction. Montchanin Builders teamed up with Gregory Huddy, an award-winning new urban architect, to offer its signature home in the Sassafras Series at the Town of Whitehall, the Salisbury, which captures an elegant feel with a spacious design. Custom designs are also available.